Hidden Gems

I took these pictures for the multi-layer image assignment on Monday. I drove down to the Pisgah Covered Bridge on our lunch break and walked around the trail for an hour just snapping pictures of anything that looked interesting or unique. As I came back around to the front of the bridge I noticed that there was a small wooden wall underneath it and it had vines growing all over it. I’ve shot two projects in the past at the Pisgah Covered Bridge so I’m pretty familiar with the are but I had never noticed these vines before. I spent a solid fifteen minutes standing in ankle high weeds on top of a pile of loose rocks trying to get the perfect picture of these two toned leaves. In the end these were my two favorite shots. I love the glimpse of the twisted vines in between the heart shaped leaves and the dark brown wood wall behind them, it almost looks like the side of a log cabin.


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