uhh,,,,, Dairy

These are a few of the pictures I shot for our first Major assignment in commercial; Dairy. I decided to shoot yogurt because I thought that not many people would go for it and they would gravitate mostly towards milk and cheese. I decided on a monochromatic blue color scheme for my photo because it would keep the distracting elements to a minimum and would also provide a sense of calmness and familiarity. I used whole almonds and shredded coconut flakes to garnish my yogurt just to add some nice textures and a pop of color with the dark brown. Plus they are both foods that people associate with “health” so maybe that would make people see my photo and think of it as appearing healthy and they would subconsciously feel positive about it. I used the lid for the almond container to prop up the bowl of yogurt so that you could actually see into the bowl and I used an upright clothes pin to hold the spoon up so that give the appearance that it was being held up by someone as it they are about to take a bite.


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