Skinny Legend

Our Major assignment for this week was to create a “conceptual” photograph. So our image had to portray some kind of message or alternate meaning other than what was literally in the photo. My original plan for this assignment was to shoot something that represented the never ending passage of time but I couldn’t think of any way to portray that that wasn’t either incredibly cheesy or had already been done to death. So I switched gears and I kind of came up with this concept on the spot about an hour before I shot it. My concept for this piece was society’s obsession with thinness and unrealistic body standards while simultaneously making eating healthy as expensive and difficult as possible. This image is supposed to mirror someone measuring their waist. The chip bag represents how junk food, and just generally unhealthy food, is always the cheapest and easiest option for meals. I tried keep the color palette to a minimal amount of colors with the tape measure being the same color as the chip bag and the background balancing the image out by providing great saturation and contrast and also pulling the color out of the Lay’s logo. Also, call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that the chips pictured on the front of the bag are not even Lay’s chips but are, in fact, Pringles. Conspiracy?


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