I don’t wanna turn over a new leaf :/

I kinda already did this post last week but… here we are again. The area of photography that I’m the most passionate about, if you hadn’t already guessed, is nature photography. I shot these on Thursday morning down at the Pisgah Covered Bridge, which is becoming my go to spot for shooting. These were originally going to be part of my portfolio for this semester but during critique Dhanraj said he wasn’t sure how I could present these in a commercial aspect so he wants me to change directions and shoot a whole new portfolio of product pictures using these picture as backgrounds. I don’t really want to do that so we’ll see what happens. I chose this as the subject for my portfolio because it’s the most fun photos to create for me. I love exploring weird angles and close ups to present plants in a totally new perspective. I also love capturing all the little lines and holes and small details of individual leaves because they’re all unique and so interesting to me. This week I tried shooting a new subject though which was water. I set my shutter speed really high to capture the mosaic of lines and patterns that ripples create on the reflections of the surrounding trees on the waters surface. I think they turned out really cool and they kinda look like portals to different dimension plus I got a lot of good feedback on them so I think I might explore this technique more in the future.


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