Can’t See the Forest For the Trees Behind the Lids of My Own Eyes

That’s my favorite line from Paramore’s song Caught in the Middle and it’s pretty much exactly how I’m feeling right now. I keep focusing on the tiny details of my life right now as a defense mechanism so that I don’t actually have to think about everything that I have to get done by the end of this week. But in reality I’m just ignoring most of my responsibilities but convincing myself that it’s “self care” because I have to figure out all of the tiny details first. I am a mess. Internship starts NEXT WEEK and I’ve only got one interview scheduled for this week. I’ve only heard back from two other places from the five that I emailed, one of which said they couldn’t take on any more interviews and the other said they would love to set up an interview but when I emailed back with my available times for the week they never responded. So I have one single interview at Kreber this week and if I don’t get accepted there then I have no idea what to do about internship. They also asked me to bring a sample of my work with me but I’m afraid because I lost all of my old photos and I only have what I’ve shot this semester and so little of it is actually commercial related that they won’t be inclined to hire me. So I guess my plan is to roll up to my interview and show a bunch of pictures of leaves and just hope that the head of the studio is a big nature lover haha. I think I’m also going to bring the RAW images and my final edited images of my major projects to show the before and after power of my retouching skills because apparently retouchers are in high demand right now and that might be my ticket into internship.


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