Rose-Colored Glasses

This is the picture that I turned in for our fourth and final Major assignment; Portrait. I took this of my friend Hallie while I was visiting her at NC State a couple weekends ago. I really didn’t intend for this picture to have a “deeper meaning” or be symbolic of anything I was just playing around with the shadows that a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses that her roommate had would cast on her face. I took this picture using window light as my only light source and I think it really added to the picture. It made her skin look really warm and glowing and it created a cool crosshatching pattern from the window panes. I had to edit out an AC vent from the left side right above her shoulder so the edge of the shadow looks really weird and rippled but I don’t thinks it’s too obvious if you’re not looking for it. During critique Dhanraj said he was “surprised” that this picture was mine. I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult but I guess it’s always good to surprise people with your images lol. Even though I know I’m good at taking portraits I’ve never really been that passionate about it but now seeing as how much I struggle with shooting products and coming up with concepts I catch myself wondering how different this semester would have gone if I had chosen to change my major to Portrait instead of Commercial… oh well, maybe in another lifetime.


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