more nature pictures… shocking

Breaking News: Local Photography Student is So Predictable and Her Teachers and Classmates are Tired of It.

Yes it’s another picture of leaves. Who could have possibly guessed? But, plot twist, this time there is also a picture of a spider. What can I say? Taking pictures of nature is what sparked my love for photography in the first place so I’m always gonna keep doing it. Plus I think most of my best pictures are of plants. I shot these pictures in my backyard on Monday morning and I’m really happy with how they turned out. This week I changed the focus of my portfolio to be just plants and other nature related things because I think that I’ll be able to produce the best possible work that way AND I won’t have to be in the studio so I won’t have to light anything so I’ll actually get to enjoy taking the photos for my portfolio. So win-win situation for me. Now the only thing left to do is remember to go out and actually take the pictures so I even have a portfolio to present at the end of the month. I think I’m going to try and focus on shooting everything for my portfolio as close up as possible and with a really shallow depth of field so I can get really nice bokeh in the background of all my pictures and I can use that element to tie all of the images together. Fingers crossed.


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